Simplify the printing of your full webpage screenshots

More and more materials are being transmitted in social networks through long images, but printing them out nicely is not an easy task. Longshotprt solves the problem of long picture printout.

Unique Features

Smart pagenage

Automatically adjusts the cut line between pages to prevent one line of text from being cut into two pages.Supports manual fine-tuning.

Multi-page merge layout

Supports column-by-column layout on a single page. Saves a quarter of the paper than single-page nesting, and produces more beautiful output.

Output to PDF file

It not only supports direct output to printer. But also supports output to PDF files, so you can share with friends or do further processing.

Featured Screens

The two screenshots below show the difference between single-page layout and two-column layout output. The left column shows a preview of the WYSIWYG output, while the right column allows you to fine-tune the position of the cuts between pages with your mouse.

Suitable Pricing Plans

Longshotprt is a shareware that has limited functionality until you buy a license. You can try it for free before you buy, but the output image pages have watermarks. Registration key is valid for all Longshotprt versions on all platforms. There is no expiration time or any subscriptions.


For the


  • Each license code can only be used on one computer, buy more and get a discount.Quantity Discount Tiers: 30.0% off 2, 35.0% off 3, 40.0% off 4, 45.0% off 5.

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